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Sexing Sound

20 Feb

Sexing Sound: Music Cultures, Audio Practices, and Contemporary Art

Pop and rock music has long been an important forum for experimentation with gendered performance, audience identification, and different models of authorship and collaboration. What happens, we ask, when the complex affective and social dynamics of popular music cultures are put into a dialogue with more rarified notions of audio cultures or sound art? Taking the issue of sexual difference and sexuality as its central concern, this symposium brings together an international group of artists, writers, educators and curators to address the gendered complexes of “music cultures,” “audio practices,” and where these two realms intersect in contemporary art. Presentation topics include the feminist sound archive Her Noise, women in early punk, the voice, and the soundscape. The symposium will end at 5pm with a performance of a composition by Annea Lockwoodperformed by Kristin Norderval, followed by a reception at 6pm in the James Gallery with a set by JD Samson.

Organized by:

Valerie Tevere (Mellon Humanities Fellow, the Center for Humanities; Media Culture, the College of Staten Island/CUNY)

Siona Wilson (Program in Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY; Performing and Creative Arts, the College of Staten Island, CUNY)

Sexing Sound: Music Cultures, Audio Practices, and Contemporary Art is being recorded for broadcast on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM, in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley, and online at wavefarm.org.

Earth Sound…

10 Nov

Douglas Kahn, ‘Earth Sound, Earth Signal‘; interview with Douglas Kahn by Galen Joseph-Hunter of Wave Farm, and Eyebeam panel discussion  on Kahn’s new book.

Sound in the Museum

5 Aug

Soundings: A Contemporary Score, at MoMA

Raga Darbari in the MELA Dream House

7 Jun
The Just Alap Raga Ensemble
Pandit Pran Nath 17th Anniversary Memorial Tribute 

Three Evening Concerts of Raga Darbari in the MELA Dream House
Saturdays, June 8 and 15, 2013, 9 pm

La Monte Young, voice
Marian Zazeela, voice
Jung Hee Choi, voice
Naren Budhkar, tabla
The Tamburas of Pandit Pran Nath from the Just Dreams CD

MELA Foundation Dream House
275 Church Street, 3rd Floor, between Franklin & White Streets in Tribeca

Admission $36.  MELA Members, Seniors, Student ID, $28.

Limited seating.  Advance reservations recommended.  
Info and reservations:  212-219-3019; mail@melafoundation.org

Three Evening Concerts of Raga Darbari in the contemporary Kirana gharana (style) of North Indian Classical Music will be performed by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela with The Just Alap Raga Ensemble in a memorial tribute to Pandit Pran Nath on the 17th anniversary of his passing, Saturday evenings, June 1, 8 and 15, 2013 at 9 pm in the MELA Foundation Dream House light environment, 275 Church Street, 3rd Floor. PLEASE NOTE:  To prepare for the scheduled concerts, the Dream House Sound and Light Environment is now closed for the season; it will reopen on September 21, 2013.  From August 15-September 14, MELA will present Jung Hee Choi’s multimedia installation, Ahata Anahata, Manifest Unmanifest VII.

La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Jung Hee Choi, voices; with Naren Budhkar, tabla; will be accompanied by The Tamburas of Pandit Pran Nath from the Just Dreams CD.  The Just Alap Raga Ensemble will perform Pandit Pran Nath’s special arrangement of “Hazrat Turkaman”, a traditional vilampit khayal composition set inRaga Darbari. 
Young considers The Just Alap Raga Ensemble to be one of the most significant creations in the development of his compositional process in that it organically merges the traditions of Western and Hindustani classical musics with the knowledge of acoustical science to embody complementary forms in an encompassing evolutionary statement.  Pandit Pran Nath has said, “Alap is the essence of Raga.  When the drut [faster tempo] begins, the Raga is finished.”  With The Just Alap Raga Ensemble, Young applies his own compositional approach to traditional raga performance, form and technique: a pranam (bow) of gratitude in reciprocation for the influence on his music since the mid-fifties of the unique, slow, unmetered, timelessalap, and for one of the most ancient and evolved vocal traditions extant today.  The Ensemble features extended alap sections, sustained vocal and instrumental drones, two- and three-part harmony and counterpoint in just intonation over tamburas.  Young, Zazeela and Choi premiered The Just Alap Raga Ensemble on August 22, 2002 in a memorial tribute to Ustad Hafizullah Khan, the Khalifa of the Kirana Gharana and son of Pandit Pran Nath’s teacher, Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan Sahib. 

Nervous Band

22 May