Luigi Russolo, ThE ARt of NoiSe

25 Mar

‘…On 11 March 1913, Russolo issued his manifesto L’arte dei rumori (The Art of Noises), dedicated to fellow Futurist composer Francesco Balilla Pratella. Expanded into book form in 1916, it theorized the inclusion of incidental noise into musical composition. With Ugo Piatti, he later invented the intonarumori, noise-emitting machines that allowed the modification of tone and pitch. In 1913-14, Russolo conducted his first Futurist concerts with numerous intonarumori. Audiences in Milan, Genoa and London reacted with enthusiasm or open hostility. Russolo started to contribute to the magazine Lacerba, where in 1914 he published his Grafia enarmonica per gl’intonarumori (Enharmonic Notation for Futurist Intonarumori), which introduced a new and influential form of musical notation…’


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