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28 Nov

A Student essay introducing the use of sound in ‘Stalker’:

Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’

Stalker, Psychokinesis:



22 Nov

Audio-Vision: Sound On Screen, Michel Chion

An assessment of function and aesthetics of sound in television and film.

‘Soundscape Competence’

22 Nov

Relocating the Ear: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of the Electrified Soundscape. Vincent Andrisani

Acoustic Mimicry

21 Nov

In this exercise you will be producing a short 2-3 minute video/sound work, where the sound environment is entirely constructed by you, to enhance and/or critique the experience of the visual imagery. You can use found video footage or something of your own making.

Consider the examples of works that we discussed in class. And look again at the Walter Murch interview, where he talks about some of his experiences building representational realities and hyper-realities through sound montage.

Once you have determined the ‘site’ that you will fabricate, ask, ‘What is the nature of this sound, what is its mimic, analogue, surrogate, or double. And how can I borrow from one of these sources to imitate the other?

Improvise with any tools of your preference; voice/body, instrument, software, etc, to create a distinct soundspace; an articulation or deception that locates your work in a representational reality, or indicates discrepancies in the formulation of media representation. Will your work augment the experience of what you see, will it seek to make sound visible? Will it reveal the illusory or deceptive apparatus of the production itself through indicating the shortcomings or manipulations of its construction.

We will view/listen to these works this week.

Julian Treasure Presentations

16 Nov

‘Ways To Listen Better’

‘Sound Affects’

Vocal Intensity

13 Nov

Brandon LaBelle, ‘Raw Orality’

Heller-Roazen, ‘Echolalias’

Labelle, ‘Word Of Mouth’

Labelle, ‘Language Games’

Salome Voegelin, ‘Aural Intimacy’

Labelle, ‘Phenomenal Voice’

Plastic Sound

13 Nov

Walter Murch Interview

Pierre Schaeffer, ‘Acousmatics’