The Sonic Composition of the City

29 Sep

The Sonic Composition of the City, by Jean-Paul Thibaud: Sonic Composition

This will be helpful as you are constructing your soundwalk: I think you will find Thibaud’s typology of  architectural junctures, ‘milieux’ and ‘itineraries’ of walkers will offer some suggested ways of thinking about how you might reconstitute space and place through sound and soundtrack. It is a similar analysis to Iain Chamber’s Walkman essay (Aural Walks), but offers more specific language to articulate the phenomena of redefining territories through the combination of sound and mobility. You might keep De Certeau in mind as well, in relation to different strategies for defining spatial parameters, transitions and thresholds that separate or link experiences of what is public and private. Also, he extends what Murray Shafer was describing as figure/ground relationships: a ‘sonic interchange’ between foreground and background sound.


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