Sound Environments

13 Sep

IMA 780.81 Section 001 Thursdays 5:30PM -8:30PM — HN 544 Film and Media Department Hunter College, New York Fall 2011 Instructor: Maximilian Goldfarb email:

‘The sound is the material that I make the place out of…The social context, the physical context, the architectural context, the acoustical context are my building blocks.   –Max Neuhaus ‘An inquiry into the auditory is also an inquiry into the invisible…listening makes the Invisible present’            –Don Ihde

COURSE DESCRIPTION: How does one define music, sound, noise, and silence? What are the social and political functions of these elements and how can they be used in media works? In Sound Environments, we explore contemporary issues and techniques of sonic media. Students will experiment with designing linear and non-linear sound and creating interactive sound installations. The course will examine developments in contemporary sonic media, and students will read critical writings in music/sound/transmission history, cultural studies, sound and media theory. We will produce several exercises and two developed projects. Themes explored in detail will include: voice, language, and the body; psychoacoustic mapping, acoustic ecology and urban noise; sound and architecture (real and virtual spaces).


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